From hardware dealer to kanban specialist

It all started on November 17, 1864. That's the day that 25-year-old Ferdinand Gross founded a "Hardware dealership for screw, blacksmith, cabinetry, and carriage maker articles".

Over the next 150 years, the Ferdinand Gross company grew into one of Germany's leading providers of fastening parts – and is still owned by the family today. We're proud of our history, and consider that tradition to be both validation and inspiration for the future.


From the beginnings to today

1864Founded by Ferdinand Gross in Stuttgart's Hauptstätterstraße as a hardware store
1880/1889Sons Alfred and Emil each join their father's company at the age of 14
1890Moved to Olgastraße and expanded the business offices
1903Son Emil becomes co-owner at Ferdinand Gross
1904Named a Royal Court Supplier
1908Alfred and Emil Gross join management
191450-year anniversary of the company. Ferdinand Gross enters retirement on April 1. He dies a few months later on the 27th September. World War I interrupts the country's economic growth
1928On April 1, Franz Hering, the son-in-law of Emil Gross, joins the company
1933Emil Gross dies at age 58, and Franz Hering takes over the company. He expands the product line of screws, and the customer focus moves from craftsmen to industry
1934Franz Hering adds the hexagon socket screw ("Inbus") into the product line
1945-48World War II also left its mark on the Ferdinand Gross company. Recovered goods can be resold in the preserved Stuttgart business offices
1956Dieter Hering, the son of Franz Hering, joins the company
1964100-year anniversary. Günther and Dieter Hering join the Board of Directors as personally liable partners
1971Move to Leinfelden-Echterdingen
1976Franz Hering dies at the age of 79. Change of legal form to GmbH & Co. KG
1984120-year anniversary. About ten years after the move, Ferdinand Gross has more than doubled sales
1991Gerald Hering, the son of Dieter Hering, joins the Board of Directors. Founding of the Dresden subsidiary
1995Sole managing directorship taken over by Gerald Hering. Introduction of C-parts management (kanban)
2005Founding of foreign subsidiaries in Budapest (Hungary) and Wrocław (Poland). Awarded the Win-Win Cup by the VDI
2006Awarded the Top 100 seal of quality
2007Awarded the Top JOB and Top 100 seals of quality. Founding of foreign subsidiaries in Prague (Czech Republic) and Arad (Romania)
2008Expansion of locations in Poland and Hungary
2009Complete modernization of logistics. Awarded the Top 100 seal of quality again
2010Optimization of all organizational processes, and conversion to a new document management system (DMS)
2011Relaunch of the Web shop. Awarded the Top 100 seal of quality again
2012Introduction of the FALCON kanban visualization software
2013Awarded the Top 100 seal of quality for the fifth time
2014150-year company anniversary. Awarded the TOP JOB seal of quality again as top employer
2015BOS GmbH & Co. KG awarded Ferdinand Gross the "Excellence Supplier of the BOS Group 2014" Award. 10-year company anniversary in Poland and Hungary. For the sixth time awarded the TOP 100 seal of quality
2016Awarded the "Excellence Supplier of the BOS Group" of BOS GmbH & Co. KG again for 2015. Ferdinand Gross receives the DB Suppliers`Award from Deutsche Bahn
2017BOS GmbH & Co. KG awarded Ferdinand Gross the "Excellence Supplier of the BOS Group 2016" Award. For the seventh time awarded the TOP 100 seal of quality



For the third time awarded the TOP JOB seal of quality as top employer

30th anniversary of the Dresden branch