Calendar 2011


In the 2011 calendar, the Ferdinand Gross staff shows how much passion and heart they possess. A company can only be as good as its people. At Ferdinand Gross, we're proud of the fact that our "excellent crew" not only identifies with our company, but is on the job with passion. That's why we've made the passions of our employees the focus of the motifs for the calendar. Enjoy extraordinary moments and surprising facets – whether in the boxing ring, paragliding, at the poker table, or on the motocross course. Get carried away by passion, and get to know Ferdinand Gross from a very private angle.

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January - Poker
February - Firefighters
March - Spinning
April - Baroque
May - Triathlon
June - Paragliding
July - Motocross
August - Fly fishing
September - Boxing
October - Hiking
November - Theater
December - Band