Calendar 2013

Screws on Olympus

Without our employees, we could never have made it to where we are today. Engagement and passion are just as characteristic for them as their high level of identification with Ferdinand Gross as a company. Our team shows that again and again during calendar production every year. "Screws on Olympus" is the theme for 2013 - produced with excellence by the "excellent crew". Whether in the marble hall of the Stuttgart Teehaus, in the Wental at Bartholomä, or in an old smithy in Schwaikheim – the production team and our staff gave it there all to bring Aphrodite, Apollo, Demeter, Hephaestus, Hera, Zeus, and all the other Greek gods to impressive life. The result, the Ferdinand Gross wall calendar, is a wonder to behold.

Title image – Poseidon
January – Hera
February – Hades
March – Ares
April - Aphrodite
May – Apollo
June – Demeter
July – Hephaestus
August – Heracles
September – Hermes
October – Dionysos
November – Artemis
December - Zeus