Calendar 2014

150 years of industry history

There are plenty of yearly calendars – but never one like this, guaranteed: On the occasion of the company's 150-year anniversary, the staff of Ferdinand Gross have organized a review of industry history. We'll meet Mr. Daimler and Carl Benz, talk to Dr. August Oetker, get to know Alfred Nobel and Albert Einstein. The "Trümmerfrauen" will show Germany's reconstruction, and we'll be there when the East German soldier jumps over the barbed wire to freedom. We'll experience the hippie festival at Woodstock. And we'll also get to know the man whose spirit still characterizes our company today: Ferdinand Gross.

Titel image - Ferdinand Gross
January - Alfred Nobel
February - Carl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler
March - Dr. August Oetker
April - Albert Einstein
May - The Golden Twenties
June - The "Trümmerfrauen"
July - Soccer Champions 1954
August - Building the Wall 1961
September - Woodstock
October - Mobile phone