03. May 2018

Tipp&Win - the Online-Lottery for the European Championship

Catch the fever. Bet along... and score!

”Tipp&Win“ is the name of the game when it comes to the Online-European Championship-Lottery sponsored by Ferdinand Gross – it’s our contribution to this very special sporting event of 2021.

With your customer number, you (and of course your colleagues) can log into our European Championship-Lottery website www.schrauben-gross.de/tippandwin. The tip or change is possible until the beginning of the game. Attention: It is always the officially determined final result that counts - including extension and penalty shootout. In addition, you can also give special tips before the start of the European Cup e.g. for the european champion or the number of goals scored.

However, the pure fun and excitement of the games is naturally the real centre of attention every day. Who actually guessed right? Whose hunches were miles away from the end results? Who in your office really knows about the game of football? True football experts may win Amazon vouchers, Ferdinand Gross sports bags or one of our beloved Ferdinand Gross beer kegs. 

Tipp&Win online at Ferdinand Gross at www.schrauben-gross.de/tippandwin.

Play with us. Win with us. Sign-up online now! You can also use our app for iPhone and Android.

We wish you a lot of fun and good luck!