C-parts management from a single source

C-parts are cost drivers. They represent only about 15 percent of purchasing volume, but account for a solid 85 percent of costs. 

Leave the warehousing, organization, and logistics to us, and save the time-consuming ordering and booking processes, inspections, and internal transport. Kanban is C-parts management for experts.

Thanks to our comprehensive Ferdinand Gross kanban system, we are actually capable of reducing your total procurement costs by up to 70 percent. You can easily calculate your entirely individual potential savings yourself with our process cost calculator - no purchase necessary! Try it out – you'll be surprised. 

Many companies already rely on Ferdinand Gross kanban

More than 1,000 customers already use the many options offered by flexible Ferdinand Gross kanban solutions. You save time, stress, and money – and still retain control of your C-parts. Throughout Germany, we fill about 5,000 containers in over 1,500 storage sites every day.

If you like, our staff can take over the complete handling of your C-parts logistics on-site. Do you want more information about ongoing processes? Data interchange between your resource planning system and our IT is available through EDI.

And we've made Ferdinand Gross kanban even better: With FALCON, we provide you with a power control instrument that helps you keep an overview of the outstanding content of your kanban boxes.

Would you like more detailed information? Then simply get into contact with us by calling +49 (0)711/1604-0 or via email.