Delivery systems

Our kanban system adapts to your needs

Do you need stationary or mobile kanban shelves? Should different container sizes be used with differently optimized capacity? Will handling be done using cards with barcodes or using pickup of empties/delivery of full containers? Do you want to use boxes with lids or maybe even anti-static containers?

All these points will be worked out by our specialists and specifically tailored to your needs. We always decide together with our customers before order placement whether a single- or multi-container system, the use of code cards, a mobile scanner unit, electronic processing via EDI, or our new FALCON software is the individually right solution for your various production requirements. 

Innovative container solution

Whether one-, two-, or multi-container kanban – to keep up with current market needs, we've developed innovative container solutions together with well-known manufacturers

  • Flatter lower shelves save up to 25 percent of space
  • A pull-out retainer protects the container from falling
  • A dispensing disk prevents the "swapping out" of small parts when the container is tipped
  • Labeling can even be read when the drawer is open
  • Front picking: simply push down the viewing panel to pick smaller quantities, while the container stays on the shelf
  • Top picking: To pick larger quantities, the container can be pulled forwards; it is still supported by the locking and support clips 

Would you like more detailed information? Then simply get into contact with us by calling +49 711 1604-0 or via email.