Kanban full service

C-parts replacement never stops

Ferdinand Gross Kanban takes over the entire business of C-parts management – you no longer have to worry about the time-consuming procurement of screws and the like.

Over 1,000 customers already rely on this service. Most of them choose our full-service kanban: We have our own kanban fleet, the "Kanban Express" not only to deliver the refilled boxes and take the empties with us. We also go one step further: A Ferdinand Gross staff member also handles the stowing of the goods in the kanban shelves as well as their maintenance.

The advantages to you are obvious:

  • Minimum cost
  • Illegible labels on the kanban shelves are automatically replaced
  • We also keep the shelf space clean
  • Purchase orders no longer have to be placed

As a logistics specialist, we take responsibility for ensuring that you can concentrate entirely on your core business. Your production runs more fluently, since interruptions from problems like missing parts are eliminated – and that contributes to an increase in manufacturing quality.

Would you like more detailed information? Then simply get into contact with us by calling +49 (0)711/1604-0 or via email.