Triggering purchase orders

Ferdinand Gross Kanban: Stay flexible

You set the direction: The kanban clients built into our ERP system handle all known purchase order triggering components. That's why we can offer all the solutions current on the market. It doesn't matter which system we decide on together – for every solution, only a non-time-critical record is sent to trigger a purchase order. The actual intelligence doesn't lie in the purchase order solution, but rather in the systems after it.

Variety of purchase order components

Specifically, a purchase order for Ferdinand Gross Kanban can be triggered by the following components

  • By Bluetooth scanner
  • By USB scanner
  • By GSM scanner
  • By mobile app
  • By Smartbin (a weight-dependent scales system)
  • By RFID

Also: only Ferdinand Gross can offer you FALCON, the only kanban information and visualization tool available on the market. Of course, FALCON can also trigger purchase orders.

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