Two- and multi-container kanban

Needs-dependent C-parts supply

Two-container kanban is the basic form of kanban: At least two containers are always filled with the same article. The boxes are lined up in a special kanban shelf system. The front container is always used to take parts. Once it's empty, a purchase order is triggered automatically. Now the assembly person takes the material needed from the second box.

In the meantime, the goods are picked from the Ferdinand Gross warehouse, placed into a washed, clean box, a new customer-specific label attached, and then delivered back to the customer within the agreed delivery cycle. If you want things even more convenient, you can also use full-service management. In this arrangement, a Ferdinand Gross staff member handles the entire process of C-parts logistics on-site at the customer's facilities.

Delivery depends on the quantity required, and the supply of all C-parts needed is always guaranteed. This type of kanban is good for customers who have a relatively constant and high requirement for specific articles.

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