The modular logistics solution

Whether automobile, building, or machine: With custom logistics solutions we can improve your logistics process and make a decisive contribution to improved efficiency and increased effectiveness.

A custom logistics solution that meets your every need perfectly doesn't just start with picking, and doesn't come close to ending with shipping. From procurement to complete parts management, Ferdinand Gross ModuLOG offers you the perfect module for your needs.

Large quantities or consumable kits? Custom or standard parts? Full service as a complete solution? Those are just some of the questions we ask ourselves during purchasing.

In a collaborative process, our specialists work with you to work out the perfect solution tailored to your needs – from the product level to purchasing, through picking to distribution.

It doesn't matter what special requirements your process has: The modular ModuLOG elements can be perfectly combined into the solution that's best for you.

Would you like more detailed information? Then download here our ModuLOG brochure (available only in German) or simply get in contact with us by calling +49 711 1604-0 or via email.