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Save on C-parts procurement

You know it already: C-parts are cost drivers. They may represent only about 15 percent of purchasing volume, but they account for a solid 85 percent of procurement costs. With our intelligent Ferdinand Gross kanban, we can help reduce these costs by up to 70 percent. You can easily calculate your own personal potential savings using our no-hassle process cost calculator.

Just enter the purchase order line items for DIN and standard parts per year in the input fields in the right column, the number of different parts, and the purchase volume per year. Based on that data and the findings of the VDMA, we calculate your approximate process costs and potential savings for the purchase of C-parts per year.

The basis for calculation is an intercompany comparison by the VDMA (the Association of German Machine and Installation Builders).

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Process costs

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100 5.000
50 3.000
5.000 1.500.000