Drilling and Cutting Oil

Machining aid

Our mineral multi-cutting oil is especially suitable for light to medium machining. The oil is free of silicone, chlorine, resin and acid. In addition it does not contain any paint wetting substances. During metal removing machining of normal and high-alloyed steels a reliable drilling and cutting oil is absolutely necessary.

Whether during drilling, thread cutting, thread forming, turning, countersinking, rubbing or sawing - you are on the safe side with the drilling and cutting oil from Ferdinand Gross. It is optimized for use with stainless steel, but is also excellent for high-alloyed steels, construction steels, non-ferrous and precious metals.

Thanks to its very good heat dissipation, the service life of the tool is significantly increased. In addition the light-brown oil can be used as a preservative  of semi-finished or finished parts and machine parts.

Download Safety data sheet for drilling and cutting oil

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