High-Performance Lubricant

Ideal with high pressure

Our part synthetic, high-pressure resistant long time adhesive lubricant  lubricates all parts that are subjected to high pressure, impacts and vibrations. Advantage: the solvent evaporates immediately, which guarantees an immediate strong adhesion of the lubricant to metal. This strong adhesive effect guarantees a good resistance against all external influences.

The lubricant is creepage effective, to also be able to penetrate into locations that are difficult to access. Therefore it is especially suitable as safety lubrication at each inspection of, for example, door hinges or retaining bands.

Even for the repair of struts, stabilizers, reversing levers, axle joints, switch, clutch and brake linkages it is used. In addition it is used as corrosion protection for brake or fuel lines. The yellowish lubricant is silicon, resin and acid free.

Download Safety data sheet of high-performance lubricant

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