Galvanic Coatings

Cr(VI)-free passivation

Just as previously the electrogalvanizing is applied as standard with most fastening elements. In contrast to previously, for the post-treatment Cr(VI)-containing chromating is no longer used, but rather Cr(VI)-free passivation is used. As a replacement for Cr(VI)-containing yellow chromating, this also offers so-called thick layer passivation, which achieves a comparable corrosion resistance of the coating with the same layer thickness of the galvanization.

Increased requirements of the corrosion resistance, as for example in the automotive sector, can however only be met using galvanic methods with zinc alloy coatings on zinc-nickel or zinc-iron bases, passivation and, if necessary, additional topcoat coating. In addition, these topcoats enable an adaptation to various requirements, such as color design or a defined window of coefficient of friction.

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