Thread locking

Thread locks

  • Adhesive coating (microencapsulation)  

When screwing into the counter thread the microencapsulation is destroyed. During this adhesive and hardener contained in the capsules is released and mixed, so that there is a chemical reaction, the adhesive hardens and the desired locking effect as well as an additional sealing effect is achieved. Microencapsulated thread locking can be used only once.    

Available are, for example, 3M 2353 Scotch Grip, Precote 80 red and many others.

  • Grip coating 

For the grip coating a plastic is applied to a portion of the thread, which creates a gripping effect when screwing in. The axial clearance between the bolt and the nut threads is filled with plastic and therefore creates a high surface pressure between the opposite, uncoated thread flanks. This connection prevents detachment during dynamic loading. Grip coatings can be used multiple times.

Available are, for example, polyamide spot/ all-around blue/red, Clemm-Loc brown and many others. 

Seal coatings

  • Thread seal  

For thread seals a film-forming dispersion is applied on the threads. It is a precoating that is non-toxic and safe to health for immediate sealing of cylindrical and conical threads. The film is not sticky.  

Available are, for example, Precote 4 white and many others.

  • Underhead seals  

Underhead seals are melted directly on the surface of metal parts under the head, which makes expensive o-rings unnecessary. Underhead coatings can be used repeatedly (depending on loading).

Available are, for example, nylon sealing rings and many others.

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